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Laptop Recommendations?

My pretty white HP Pavilion is dead.  It actually died a couple months ago, and I think I mentioned it here, but I held out hope that it could be fixed.  Well, I dropped it off at a computer repair place on Monday and they just called to tell me they've done everything they can think of and it's just not worth it to repair it.

Sad.  But, on the plus side, I get to go shopping now.

So, I need a new laptop.  What should I get?

Note:  I reserve the right to be a PC-supremacist and any suggestions that I buy a macbook will not be taken siriusly.

Other note:  It needs to be pretty cheap.  I was hoping to have Hedwig (the snowy white HP) for another couple of years, so I haven't budgeted for a new computer.

Re: Laptop Recommendations?

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    If you reserve the right to be a PC Supremist, then I reserve the right to not take your request for a recommendation siriusly.  And that's that.
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    Well, since you don't want a MacBook, I recommend a Toshiba.

    What size do you want? 13, 15, 17? Other specs?
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    I have a Dell Inspiron.  Pretty snazzy little thing.  It's purple :)

    It does everything I want it to do and hasn't had any problems since I got it.  Knock on wood.
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    I do like Dell.  My college laptop was a Dell, and it was perfect.

    Peek - even if I wanted a Mac, I couldn't afford it.
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    Tyler recommends Vaio and Toshiba. He has a Vaio, but when his friends are asking for a lower price recommendation, he always encourages them to buy Toshiba.

    I'm a Mac girl though :X. My parents bought their first Mac before I was born, so it's the OS of my youth.

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    My ASUS is great.    ASUS has been in the business for years making the components for the big name computers out there.  They aren't as pretty to look at as some of the big names though.  But you get a quality product, and usually at a lower price than HP, Dell, or Toshiba.  BF sells IT services/tech and went with me while shopping for it.  He sells business HP and Dells to customers all day long, and at the end of our shopping trip decided this was the best home option for me.
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    Tarra - for sirius?  That would be amazing!  How much would shipping cost?
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