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Said goodbye to a dear horse friend tonight

We lost a real love of a horse tonight, and I'm feeling especially devastated.  Chip was a great old man, our beloved mascot for the past year, and deserved a better retirement than the one he got.  At least we were able to make his last few months comfortable!  He loved getting attention, and thrived as a model for the animal reiki program and vet tech program that come out to the rescue to practice.  He also got lots of love from all the volunteers, and enjoyed turn-out every day with a couple other old boys.

The hardest part is going to be tomorrow, when I go out to feed.  Six hours from now I'll be trying to ignore his body in the barn aisle while life goes on all around.  He always greeted me with a happy nicker in the mornings, and it will feel empty without his living presence.  Thank you for all your love, Chippers!  You will be greatly missed!

His full rescue story is on our blog if you're interested:

Re: Said goodbye to a dear horse friend tonight

  • peekaboo2011peekaboo2011 Washington, DC member
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    Aww, Mango, I'm sorry.  *hugs*

    I really don't know what to say for stuff like this, so, just, lots of love and more hugs for you.  <3
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  • Elle1036Elle1036 member
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    Ditto Peek.  I know there's nothing I can say that will make you feel better, but I do know what you're feeling and I'm sending you endless hugs.
  • coastiegrl25coastiegrl25 member
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    I'm so sorry to hear this.  I have been around horses all my life...basically since the womb.  It is very very hard to see one go I know :(  One of the best/worse things happened when I was like 6.  We had a horse in labor, and as soon as she had the filly one of our other horses laid down to pass away.  She was very very old and it was like she wanted to wait to see the new life before hers was taken away.  

    Good vibes to will get easier day by day.
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  • PaigeMcCPaigeMcC member
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    Oh Mango *hugs* I'm so sorry hun

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  • AudgiePodgeAudgiePodge member
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    Aw, sorry.
    I'm not good at feelings.

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    Thanks for the hugs everybody, they're appreciated!

    Coastie: Sweet story, thanks for sharing.

    This morning was kind of sweet: Sadie, a little pony mare, had let herself out and was standing in the doorway looking at Chip.  Chip lived alone in the barn, but Sadie's run looks into the aisle and apparently she stood quietly at the fence all night, watching.  It was comforting for me to have to immediately deal with a loose horse, and nice to know that she found a way to say goodbye.
  • Elle1036Elle1036 member
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    This might be weird and unsolicited, but I thought I would share it anyway:

    When I've dealt with the losses that have been hardest for me (my grandfather and two cats), I've found comfort in reading online about the stages of grief.  I know that probably seems bizarre, but it helped me a lot to know that the way I was feeling was normal and that, no matter how bad I felt, I would reach that acceptance stage eventually.

    Just thought I'd pass that on in case it could maybe help you.
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