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Update: Dr.

Well darn it. If you watch the news, you know DC is under 2+ feet of snow. (This for a town that FREAKS OUT if they hear "snow flurries".) So of course most of the city is shut down, including my doctor's office. Grrrr....

Re: Update: Dr.

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    : ( Sorry paint. Will you be able to get in tomorrow?

    Try not to think about it too much!
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    Solution: Go have a snowball fight.  ;)  Or make a snow angel.  Or go sledding.  Or...

    Most of the city should be shut down.  Nobody knows how to handle snow there.  Better to keep everyone off the roads. 

    Did you lose power?  My parents were without it for most of Saturday.  Luckily, they have a kickass generator.  They were even able to hook-up their neighbors (who have 2 little kids.)
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    I heard about your snowstorm as I was driving thru one of my own!  That SUCKS but try not to think about it, hun.  You'll get there soon...and thinking about it will only make you worry more!

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