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RD/Morning After Brunch invites

sorry, not trying to be a pw

can we include and insert with our wedding invites to the morning after brunch?

it will be open house brunch for all guests at my family's lakehouse the morning after (we'll have quite a few OOTers).

Any names better than ...
"Morning After Brunch"
"Post Wedding Celebration"
"Day After Brunch"

those all sound lame to me.

Re: RD/Morning After Brunch invites

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    I just went with calling it an Open House

  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    oh!! love!

    can i steal your poem!?
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    Steal away.  I stole it from somewhere, after tweaking it a bit.
  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    also, i forgot to post my RD question.

    Basically we're having the rehearsal at noon, and will have a luncheon at a winery 10 min. down the road.

    After the luncheon my family is inviting anyone/everyone to spend the remainder of the day at our lakehouse (another 10 min down the road). There will be boating/tubing/waterskiing/campfire/fun. Since we're having a lot of OOTers and OOT friends coming in, we want to host a fun event so if they choose to travel they have something fun/free to do.

    How should I word this on the invitation? Or should this just be spread word of mouth?
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    I would put it on your website.  I would spread it by word of mouth and then have more details on your website.  I had a section that outlined the weekend's events.

    Is the luncheon just for the rehearsal people?  I have a cheesy poem that I used for our RD invites as well.

    Practice makes perfect, it’s true what they say,
    Please join us for a rehearsal before the big day!
    We’ll meet at the church, at 5 o’clock on the dot
    where Austin and Karena will be tying the knot.
    After the practice, when all is said and done
    please join as at The Savory Cafe
    for food, fellowship and fun!
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    Ok Kat, I am crashing for real now, and I'm bring my innertube and sunscreen. That's so cool. My mom is calling the brunch at my house the Menudo after Breakfast, because she's wierd like that. They also said they would go through the presents and take the ones they like.

    Oh and I think morning after brunch sounds like the morning after pill.
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    Mutley those are really creative poems.

    Hetshup I agree about the morning after.

    Kat it sounds like your wedding weekend is going to be a blast! I'm jealous.
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  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    love the RD poem!! yay! can't wait to work on them tonight!! thank you all!!

    For RD I think we're just inviting immediate family + grandparents + pastor/wife + BO+SOs, and this is the venue! I can't wait!

    Then we can add the other bit on the website.

    I also agree. Morning After Brunch/Pill. = Not appetizing.

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    I just saw this RD poem last night on another knottie's bio:

    "Michael popped the question, and Tara said "yes"
    All the planning is over from the hall to the dress
    Only one thing remains for this day to be great
    "Practice makes Perfect" June 11th is the date
    We'll practice the ceremony, and iron out the kinks
    Then join us to celebrate with dinner and drinks!"

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    Oh, and I forgot to add this part...

    I was on the invitations board last night and someone said they are just including an insert about the RD in the invitations of the people who are invited.
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