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Nervous - *UPDATE*

So, things at work haven't been going well... We've been slow getting off the ground and now things are looking worse... My boss told me and my co-worker on Friday that they will be letting go of 2 of our 'big guys' in the next 2 weeks. He also said that me and my co-worker have nothing to worry about...

Now, my co-worker comes it and tells me that she overheard them say that IF they keep her, she'll have to do another function that she's not willing to do... Which, I don't blame her because I wouldn't want to be doing it either...

So, now I'm sitting here stressing out because they really have no need for me either with the way things are going... It's easier for them to just shut the doors than keep trying...

Time to start looking for another job... (sigh)

Re: Nervous - *UPDATE*

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    Oh no!! I'm sure things will be fine! Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. I too was in the same position, and now it's 6 months later and I still have my job!! Good luck girl!
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    Try not to stress too much.  Whether they let you go or not, stressing about it now won't change it.  If it does happen, you'll just have to deal with it then.

    Plus, if you lose your job, you can join the unemployed club with me, Loopy, Angie, and Dreamer.
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    Lyz, I'm sorry to hear that. 

    I got laid off twice after graduation college.  It will be ok. 
    Just look at the possibilities:
    a.) You get to stay.
    b.) You get laid off, are no longer in limbo, and find a new one. 
    It would SUCK majorly, but you will survive.  You will recover and you will find another job.
    Don't take on a huge workload or stress yourself out to keep the job unless it's really worth it.

    The economy still isn't grand, but you will figure out something. 

    Inhale positivity, exhale negativity...
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    Ahh! Nerve wracking!  Keep your chin up girl!  And listen to Wrkn...she's wise;)

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    I knew I was taking a risk leaving my last job to come here... and I'm trying really hard not to be angry with myself for taking that risk...

    EDIT: Thank you all for the words of encouragement... You're all right... Stressing out about it doesnt change or help anything...

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    I hope you keep your job. But it couldn't hurt to start looking elsewhere.

    By the way, it says this thread has 86 posts. TK is being weird...or there are a lot of invisible people.

    ETA: And of course, now that I posted, it just says 7.
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    [QUOTE]I hope you keep your job. But it couldn't hurt to start looking elsewhere. By the way, it says this thread has 86 posts. TK is being weird...or there are a lot of invisible people. ETA: And of course, now that I posted, it just says 7.
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    Those are all my invisible friends!! They come out to play once in a while but when someone notices them, they run and hide!!  I can only get them to come back with fresh-baked cookies!! MMMM cookieeeee lol

    I'd like to keep my job but I'm definitely not against searching for a new one... I took a slight pay-cut from my last job because I felt that the risk was worth it but with the way things are going I'll be lucky if I still have a job, nevermind a raise...
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    So, 2 weeks have past... They never let go of the "Big Guys" they were claiming they would have to let go of but those guys did take a significant pay cut. My other co-worker who I mentioned above was our HR Manager... She quit on Friday because she found another job (with a company around the corner from our office) making more money!! I'm so happy for her!

    Unfortunately (or fortunately - I haven't decided which), I have to take over her job now... It's more work for me, which is okay because I wasn't doing much to begin with... but it's work that I've never had to do... So, I'm gonna have to learn as I go...
    Any Human Resource people out there that can point me in the direction of some research material??
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