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I have no idea what im doing please help this tomboy

getting married in july 2012 he wanted a big family wedding i wanted to elope i am a pure tomboy polo sweaters and timberlands (college student lol)
I am getting married at verdis in westbury i picked guava or the girls did, i have no idea about centerpieces please help

Re: I have no idea what im doing please help this tomboy

  • I am sooooo with you on this one! I am that way too jeans and a tshirt girl here! Like people said, just start looking, or if you have some kind of flower or you like something better, find a way to work that in...this is the time to do whatever you want and love it when you're done. All you can do is start looking at pictures, and talking to professionals...and if you have friends who have had weddings, talk to them.
  • I agree with the PP's. Start looking at pics to figure out what you like, and then find a florist to help put it all together. Fellow tomboy here - from personal experience don't let yourself get intimidated or think you can't choose awesome decorations, as long as it's what you like you'll be fine!
  • What about cupcake tower center pieces? We were thinking of doing them for our wedding. Saves money becasue they double as the dessert!
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  • thanks to all who responded... i agree he should do half the planning but he is doing more tham half of the spending.  I went dress shopping with my 6 bridemaids I have realized I asked to many people to be in the wedding one of them brought my wedding party favor without asking my input.pearl earrings and pens sucks:(  I ordered a dress and cancelled a dress stressed out the beach is calling and he wont comply
    i cant to relax
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