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Wedding Party Dilema

Our wedding is going to be very romantic and very personal.  We have approximately 150 guest, but our wedding party is only a matron of honor and best man.  My sister is my matron of honor and my son is walking me down the isle and then standing next to the groom as his best man.  Here is my dilema...I want at least one more person as a bridesmaid, but my finance doesn't have anyone he would chose to stand up.  He wants a very small wedding party.  Is it okay to have a bridesmaid without a groomsman?  Who would dance with her?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!  Thanks

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Re: Wedding Party Dilema

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    Is she bringing a date?  I'm assuming that's who would dance with her.  You don't have to have the BP dance with each other.

    The BP doesn't have to be even either.  If your Fl is okay with you having another girl then go for it!  2 +1 does not make a big BP. 
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    Please don't ask WP members to dance with each other.

    And if you want a friend to be a BM, it's more than fine to have uneven sides.
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    Uneven sides are fine.  In the name of all that is holy, PLEASE skip the bridal party dance.  No one has ever liked it in the history of ever.
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    No reason not to have uneven sides (and technically they'd be even now since your son will be standing up there), and your son could always escort her into the reception or whatnot if she doesn't bring a date. Not that she needs an escort, either.
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