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**Raven** & **FlygirlMeg**

Raven, the 27th-29th of January is fine with me.  Perhaps a PM on facebook about where in LA you will be so we can plan on a great place to meet up.  Yay!

Meg, I'll be in BB this Monday  to snowboard with some friends.  I'm pretty rusty as the last time I boarded was March of 2011 in Mammoth.  Combine that with the fact that I'm pretty klutzy well you can see I'm going to get lots of bruises.  I'm happy as long as I can get from top to bottom without breaking anything.  Yay me!  I'm sure I'll be up in BB or Mtn. High a few times this season.  If you're ever in Orange County we can also meet up.  :)  Have a great time on your flights.  I'm sure the destinations are pretty awesome.

Re: **Raven** & **FlygirlMeg**

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