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non religious ceremony

Ok im getting married in october in an outdoor reception. Ive got decor and chairs and all that down, but im kinda lost when it comes to the actual ceremony. My fi and i are not religious (but are respectful and polite to poeple who are) and want a relaxed and laid back atmosphere (i dont want to feel like im at a sermon or anything like that) we are open to having an opening and closing prayer but thats really as far as we are willing to go. I have not chose an officiant yet because where i live if you dont belong to one of our numerous churches, the preachers wont do it, and they are REALLY picky about how you walk down the aisle, ur music, ur vows, and we dont want an avarage wedding ceremony. We want to be different. any advice on picking someone thats willing to do this our way?
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