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Wedding music for going down the aisle

We are having a small wedding outside and I do not think I would like the traditional music played.  Any ideas?
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Re: Wedding music for going down the aisle

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    We're just playing a few of our favorite songs. Processional and couples entrance are to 2 songs by a gospel choir, but we toyed with several other ideas.
    There's no rule you have to have classical music and personally I think your guests will be happy if you don't enter to Canon in D, Ave Maria or "Here comes the bride"
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    I am having a friend sing an acoustic version of "Time After Time" for my's one of my favourite songs....I was worried that it might be too cheesy but my idea got some positive feedback on this board!  Feel free to steal it!  LOL!
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    We used Vide Cor Meum.  I thought it sounded a little somber when I first heard it, but it actually worked beautifully for an outdoor wedding.
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    Listen to The March from Camille Saint-Saens' 1st Symphony.  I was going to ue this until a friend volunteered her violin talent.
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    I'm walking down to "I do" by Mark Wills, words and all! There is no rule anywhere saying that ceremony music has to be totally instrumental. If you have a favorite song that you think would be good, then use it.

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    I am walking in to I have and always will by Dave Barnes, and we will be keeping it the lyrical version as the words are so perfect for this moment.
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    for thoes of you using dif. songs, are you playing that song for the whole time, while your bridal party walks down too?

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    We are very non-traditonal. Doing a very small wedding in a small,  but beautiful chapel and my brother is playing an instrumenl guitar to Groovy Kind of Love by Phil Collins. No here comes the bride for me.
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