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Two Ceremonies... One Day??

I am in love with a tiny historic chapel, in my hometown, where I will be moving back to after the wedding.  It is not a real church anymore, simply a hisoric building that is gorgoeus inside. The problem is that it only seats about 80.  And I have many out of town friends and family that really want to come.  By the time they all come, plus my howtown family and all of his  family and friends, honestly the chapel will be busting at the seams.  We will be approaching over 100. Would it be too wierd to have two ceremonies... one for local people early in the day, then one for the out of town guests 2 hours later (with photos in the middle)  ((and my mother could actually invite her 20 friends, that I don't even know, since she was whining about having to limit her list to 5)) Then we would everyone together for a large reception and dinner and dancing. It is not like it will cost anything extra, as we have the little chapel for th whole day anyway, and the decorations would stay...  we would simply have two audiences... Is that too wierd?  I really don't want to get married in a real church as neither of us are religious.  And in this tiny town there is no where else to go.  No museums or beautiful parks...

Thanks for any helpful and friendly advice.
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