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Keeping Guests at Ceremony Site???

My ceremony site is a very pretty garden venue, and I would like to come up with a way to invite guests to stay and mingle for an extra hour before dinner (which is at another site about 20 minutes away).  

What can I offer our guests to invite them to remain and mingle in the gardens, and hopefully allow time for some beautiful photographs of my F and I with guests?

The ceremony site cannot provide a full meal because they lack a large enough kitchen facility, but I was thinking that I might potentially be able to offer guests some drinks and small hors d'oeuvres and hire the musicians to remain for an extra hour.

What do you all think? And what other ideas might keep guests from feeling bored or impatient? 


Re: Keeping Guests at Ceremony Site???

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    Sounds like you just want to do a fairly standard cocktail hour, only at the ceremony site instead of the reception site.  A cocktail hour is just what you described: drinks, music, and hors d'oeuvres.  It's a little unusual to do it at the ceremony site and then ask guests to move to a different reception site, but shouldn't be too confusing for them.  Just make sure that it really is only an hour.
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    Ditto AE.
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    Double ditto Aerin.

    If you do wind up doing the cocktail hour there, just make sure that your guests know that's where it is, and that there will not be one at the reception site. When there are 2 venues involved, people usually assume the CH is at the reception venue.

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    I would call it a cocktail hour, or just "refreshments" if you are not serving alcohol. 

    I would think something very simple that doesn't have to be cooked would be perfect.  Maybe cheese, crackers, fruit, wine or a champagne punch, and sodas?  If the ceremony/garden setting is beautiful, then guests will naturally want to linger a while, as long as the weather is nice.

    If you are having programs, make note that there will be a cocktail at the ceremony location, and the reception will start at XX pm at the reception site.
    If you are not doing programs, an insert in with the invitations should suffice, or put a brief notation at the bottom of the invitations, if you have room.
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    LOL, Beckmeister :) Yes, I had thought of that. And we do have a drinking crowd! Add that to the twisting, winding roads from the ceremony to the reception...

    I was planning to do a more traditional cocktail hour at the reception site, but having two is going to be overload... but I could still serve a simple refreshment, like water with cucumber post-ceremony, right?
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