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Uphill battle as per usual, mild vent.

Of the things we've sorted out so far in our wedding planning just about everything has been a compromise on my behalf. Part of marriage right?

This is more of just a vent on my part, school will be starting and i'll be working full-time alongside 6 classes from August till my wedding so i'm trying to hammer out the big stuff during the last month of summer but my FI is making me a little crazy about these decisions, first he has no opinion then he has one.

Today we spoke briefly about ceremony readings (because it'll dictate who officiates our wedding) and since we aren't having a religious service, i'm not religious at all and he's not particularly either I thought it would be fitting if we had some other type of reading (a cute book someone gave me when I got engaged A Lovely Love Story came to mind) but appearantly having a non-traditional anything is off the table for him. Oh well, we shall see I suppose.
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