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Would you be offended?

For the first time this weekend I was actually kind of offended by someone's assumptions of me as a non-married/non-engaged person.

Background: For my job we do a team approach to behavior therapy with children. It's mostly young women who do this job as well. For this one client, there are 6 women that work on the team for one child.

I received an email over the weekend from the mom, asking if "anyone" had interest in babysitting for a friend of hers on NYE. I assumed she sent it to the whole team, but she actually only sent it to me and one other woman. It just so happens we are the only non-engaged or non-married people on the team! She also has met my BF and knows that we live together.

So... just because we're not engaged or married, we have nothing to do on NYE? I don't get it! I emailed her back that the BF and I have plans.

Re: Would you be offended?

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    Sounds like a bit of a stretch to assume that you got that email based only on the fact that you're not married or engaged.

    I would consider it rude but a bit more believeable if she thought you were single.

    Any chance that the two of you were the only ones who didn't mention their NYE plans to her?
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    If this happened to me, I would think that she possibly trusts me and the other woman she emailed more than the other women in the group. You could always ask her why she only emailed you and the another woman.  
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    Both of those ideas do make sense, it was just weird how it was phrased in the email. Like it was an open question posed to "anyone interested" yet only emailed to 2 people? But yeah maybe we were the only 2 who hadn't talked to her about NYE plans yet. Knowing her though, I do think that being "single" has something to do with it, but that can't be conveyed in an internet forum!

    BF was more offended that she was trying to "farm me out" to strangers, haha, but I don't think that's a big deal.
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