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BF is gonna get it when he gets home

A couple of Jehova's witnesses came to the apartment a few weeks ago, and started off by saying, "Do you ever wonder why bad things happen to good people?"

BF says, without skipping a beat - "Because God has a sick sense of humor?"**

Enter shocked faces. 

Needless to say they thought they had encountered someone who REALLY needed their help. He told them to come back another Saturday, because he knew he would be at work and not have to deal with it. They just knocked on the door, scaring the crap out of me and the dog (no one ever knocks on our door unexpectedly), and I spent the last 10 minutes hiding out in the bedroom until they left. AFTER I tripped over the spastic dog and faceplanted on the bedroom floor. They had to have heard that.

I wish I could act like a 26 year old and say that it was NOT because I feel awkward deflecting situations like that, or because I am embarassed that I still have scary morning face, but that would be lying to all of you.

**I'd like to point out that BF does not believe this, he just strongly dislikes people coming to his doorstep to try to talk him into anything, so he gets snarky.

ETA: Now that I can commence my chores and errands without fear of having to speak to strangers, I need suggestions. We are supposed to get 6-10 inches of snow tonight - boo - and I want to make some kind of amazing, cozy dinner. I will be snowed in and have forever to make it, so the more intensive and complicated the better.

Re: BF is gonna get it when he gets home

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    I totally LOLed. I'm sure the religious salesmen are used to people dodging them like that. I had a pair who kept coming back cause I was too much of a puss bag to be firm and tell them I wasn't interested in having my soul saved. I would just chat with them for a few minutes then say "Well I gotta go to work now, so........."
    My fave cozy night in meal is shapards pie.
    I simmer diced carrots with the gound beef and about a cup of beef stock. When I add it to the pan I put a layer of creamed corn between the beef mixture and the mashed potatoes. If I wanna make it really special I make it with cheesy mashed potatoes or sprinkle pamasian cheese on top before baking.
    I also use a fork to draw the union jack into the mashed potato of every shapards pie I make. My family is british and we all do that for some weird reason....
    Anyway, happy cooking! :D
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    That's so freaking funny!  If you want a really good recipe that's super cozy and wintery, I recommend my favorite chicken and wild rice soup recipe.

    I use 5 cups of broth and one of water cause I like the extra chicken flavor.  Make handmade rolls to accompany it. :)
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    Lol.  One time these kids at my high school (both boys) opened the door naked holding hands.  I don't think they came back.

    My mom loves to talk to them, she will invite them in and try to convert them the other way.  It's funny. I think they finally got frustrated and gave up. 

    I second beef stew.  I have been craving warm thing.  Soups, tea, and muffins.  I tired to find you my favorite pumpkin spice muffin recipe but I couldn't find it and by the time I get home you will be snowed in :(  I'll call my mom but don't count on it.

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    I second pot roast--with homemade bread rolls!

    I'm making pot roast tomorrow though, but alas, no snow for me. :(

    Buy wine also. 
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    One of my LDS friends sent missionaries to my house. It was horrible they just kept coming back. Eventually I just had my dad deal with them and apparently a man telling them I wasn't going to convert worked :/

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    Booo snow!  I'm glad we haven't had any yet and hoepfully have a while before we do!

    I definitely vote for pot roast, in the crock pot...except it is supper easy, so you'll be bored.  I made pot roast last Sunday for BF, his cousin and was delicious and they're already asking for it again! :)

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    Hahaha. Your BF and I could be IRL friends, I think.
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    I'm liking the pot roast and stew ideas!! I think I will do that, and lasagna. I've never made it before, and it's BF's favorite dish. He is super picky about it and only likes his mom's recipe. I think that will be enough of a challenge to keep me interested :)

    I'll make both, and then let him decide which we will eat tonight and which we will save for tomorrow. Thanks ladies!!
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    LOL - I love the BF's reaction. The last time they came by I with a straight face looked at them and said "This isn't going to be about God again is it ?". We haven't seen them since. While I have compelte tolerance for all religions even though I don't practice or believe in any myself , I can't stand soliciting in itself let alone for that purpose.

    I'm sorry you had a rough morning hope it gets better though!
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    I just shed tears of laughter. Thank you for making my Saturday OP.  I could totally see myself doing the exact same thing you did.
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    I've hard that they can't come in and pray with my mom always invites them in to pray for her/with her...and they can't- so then she asks them what they are good for and asks them to leave.
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    That's funny, Sousa.  Although I am sorry you face planted.  I, too, dislike answering the door if I don't know who it is. 
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