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Not a Newbie anymore!!!!!!!!!

Yay not a newbie anymore!!!!!! Thanks everyone for making this board so much fun.  I get some great advice and hope to stick around for awhile.

In other random news, my mom got back from a short vacation to the shore with some girlfriends and called her to see how the vacation went.  She offers me at any time (no pressure) the diamond from her engagement ring.  I was shocked she doesn't wear it even though my parents are still happily married 34 years.  She said she it doesn't fit her anymore and doesn't wear it, doesn't want it resized.  She said she would rather see me have the ring for my engagement than me get it when she passes.  I was shocked her ring is gorgeous. 

I hope everyone has a great weekend! 


Re: Not a Newbie anymore!!!!!!!!!

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    That is so cool about your mom's ring!  Pictures?
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    I don't have the ring I don't even really remember what it looks like pear shaped may be 2 carats.  I haven't told the BF yet, but it's a nice option we might have at some point for our future.  


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    Yayayay! I really need to start posting more I guess. I've been on here for awhile but just never really post that much.

    Also, that's awesome about your mom's ring!
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