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Wedding party/uneven

I know that people don't think its much fo a problem to have uneven wedding parties...and typically I wouldn't be concered in situations where someone has 3 and the other has 5 or someone has 4 and soemeone has 6 etc.

My issue is that I will have a close friend and my future sister-in law=2
(i've thought about adding my mother as Matron of honor because we are close and of anyone I would say I'm closest with her) Though I've never seen it done and I don't know if it would be weird.

My fiance apparently already told all his friends (before we were even engaged) that they would be goomsmen. He has 4 close friends and I wouldn't want to ask him to cut any of them because I feel they are all good friends. He also has an older brother  and a younger brother (he's about 17).
I feel like he can't leave out family because (for one I'm including his siser and I feel  in general blood is thicker than water) I do feel that he's closer to his friends than his brothers though.

SOO long story short I would have 2....maybe 3 on my side and he would have 6.

Its not just this but he has a HUGE family (which i love) so probably 75% of the guest list is his family and I already feel outnumbered. (though in past weddings they have been nice enough to not have all of his family  on oneside and interspersed people throughout.

Also there are other people I could ask (that I"m just not AS close to) but i really don't want to deal with 6 fittings or 6 people in general anyhow.
Should I be worried. Any suggestions?
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Re: Wedding party/uneven

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    No you shouldn't be worried.  My only suggestion is to let this go.  Wedding parties are not about symmetry.  They are about having those you care most about stand next to you on your wedding day.That's all.

    Actually, I do have a suggestion:  google "uneven wedding party photos".  And look at how lovely it looks.  Then you can stop worrying.

    FWIW:  I have a friend whose son married a very reserved girl from a tiny family.  The guest list numbered well over 100.  Total from her family:  5.  Yep.  5.  It was fine.
    "Trix, it's what they/our parents wanted. Why so judgemental? And why is your wedding date over a year and a half ago? And why do you not have a groom's name? And why have you posted over 12,000 posts? And why do you always say mean things to brides?" palegirl146
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    Yeah....I'm sure it will be okay! THANKS!
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    Yea, check out the pictures, it will be fine. 
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    I had 3 my husband had 6. Worked out well! I could have added more, but I only wanted my closest friends and sister. He had both my brothers, his cousin and his 3 friends.
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    My friend had 4 girls on her side, and her husband had 8. The pictures with them all standing in a line were the only ones that made them look uneven. Otherwise, most of the pictures were them mingling together, standing in groups, or different arrangments. Those looked fabulous! It was especially cute when the girls walked with a guy on both arms.
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    I think 3 and 6 or 2 and 6 would be lovely, but don't make your FI ask his brothers if he doesn't really want to.  Maybe they could be ushers or do readings or something.  If he's already picked the guys he wants then leave it at that! 
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    I literally just had this problem a couple weeks ago. I decided that the only real thing that bothered me about it being uneven would be the wide shot photo of everyone standing at the front of the ceremony site. And once I realized ONE photo isn't worth fretting over, I let go and accepted that having five people on my side and only two on my fiance's side just isn't a big deal! Cheers!
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