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anyone else frustrated by their bridal party???

Hey ladies. Just need to vent a little.  So, i have 5 bridesmaids and I am close to all of them.  I have a maid of honor (twin sis) and a matron of honor (best friend), but lately, my best friend is really hurting my feelings.  Maybe i am just being too sensitive, but last week, I called her at work and told her that flight tickets were on sale and to buy her ticket if she was going to come to my mom's in november when i buy my dress.  she had said she was planning on coming month's before, so i just wanted to save her some money (like $250).  i haven't "demanded" that she go because i don't want her to stress about money but when she said she was, i got really excited.  well, the other day when i called her at work, she said that she would call me when she got off work and would buy her ticket.  that was 5 days ago and i haven't heard anything.  but then on he fb page, she posted that she bought tickets to vegas--i don't understand.  i don't mind if she doesnt go with me, i just wish she would tell me she can't go.  i guess it hurts my feeling.  sorry so long-i might be overreacting, but it still bothers me.
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