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aw and advice needed wwyd

So I just found out I won a trip to Vegas for 2. Yay! I'm excited! My sister/bff/MOH found out that a local radio station was giving away tickets to see Lion King Live at a "meet and eat" promotion at an IHOP in town. She got me and our aunt, who's more like a mom to me, to get up at the crack of dawn to go to IHOP and enter to win. We had no idea there was a drawing for Kenny Chesney Tickets in Vegas also, we just wanted to take our nephew, my aunts grandson(she has custody) to The Lion King. So now have a decision to make... Do i... A: take my sister since it was he idea to go to IHOP, she is the big country music fan? B: take my aunt because its during her bday weekend? C: take my Fiance for a preweddingmoon? D: take FI and elope? (He's been suggesting we do Reno like his parents did, since before we got engaged) and have a big reception this summer. E: try to afford to take a couple other girlfriends including my sister and go for a bachelorette party? F: move the wedding up from october to may, (cut it back a lot and make it happen in 6 weeks!) and go for an actual honeymoon? G: any other ideas? We have had some financial hiccups since we started our loft renovation and were doing both that and our wedding at the same time. So eloping would be more affordable. But I want to have family there with me. What would you do?
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Re: aw and advice needed wwyd

  • Hummm..... I say if you can move it up and invite family.... Get married in Vegas! If you want any ideas, there are bio's and a faq's page in my siggy.

    But to be honest, they all sound like good ways to use the time in Vegas :)
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  • I'm thinking take your aunt, your sister and your nephew.  I'm a family type.  Plus your aunt got up at the crack of dawn to do this.  Somehow share the cost amongst the adults.  Congrats!
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