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Need to vent!

I just need to get a little venting done. Please bear with me.
So my fiance and I picked out my engagement ring from a local family owned jewelry store about a year ago. This past weekend I stopped by a friend's jewelery store to look at wedding bands. Granted I now know that I should have gone to my friend in the first place, but his store is over an hour away so we chose to buy locally. Anyways, as I am at my friend's store looking at wedding bands, my friend looks at my ring and tells me that he has not seen a diamond like mine in years. I was surprised, because I don't know a lot about diamonds and did not know what he meant. My friend proceeds to tell me that the way in which my diamond is cut has been discontinued for at least 10 years or more. When we purchased my diamond from the local store, we were not told that my diamond came from an estate sale. When I contacted the store I purchased the ring from, they came clean about the ring and that yes indeed it was an old diamond, which is why they gave us "such a good price". Those are the original jewelers words. They did however offer to give us a full refund, but only if we spend that money in the store. They also told me that the diamond we purchased was discontinued in the 1940's. In order to update my diamond, we would need to have it -re-cut, which would cost us 2 or 300 dollars. I am torn between spending the extra money to re-cut the diamond or to take their offer and get the full refund and pick a new diamond. I just don't feel like I can trust that they will be honest. I feel like my fiance and I were taken for a ride since we knew little about rings. Ugh, thanks for listening to my tirade. Cool
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*7-8/12 - surprise BFP! Beta came in at 2, confirmed CP.
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*12/12 - cancelled and on BCP due to 2 large cysts found
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*2/13 Switched REs and IUI #3 is pending for March.
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