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Gotta love crazies at the doctor!

           I was sitting in the waiting room of my doctors affice tday reading a bridal magazine, when a lady who was sitting with another lady started talking to me about my wedding. so I chatted with her for a couple of minutes about it. the other lady who was with her was staring at me the entire time i was talking and her face just kept falling the more I was talking, until she looked very very sad.
           When I turned back to my magazine the sad looking lady asked me how old I was. When I told her I was twenty three, she like clutched at her heart and said "Oh sweetie you are way to young to be making such a big decision, what do your parents say do they know?" She was genuinly concerned. So I said that they supported me 100% and that they loved my fiance. She sighed loudly and said "well if you were my daughter I'd lock you into your room until you were 30 so you could live your life to the fullest. Do you know what kind of a commitment you're making?"
           I just looked at her because I had no idea what to say to her. the other woman looked mortified though. When I saw her face though I started laughing, I couldn't help myself. I laughed until the lady got called back, when she disapeared through the door the other lady apologized over and over and said she had no idea what she was talking about as she had gotten married when she was 18 and had 2 kids by the tine she was my age. This made me laugh even harder. I love crazy people they make my day!
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