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Going to a wedding show....

First time at a wedding show this weekend...any advice?
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Re: Going to a wedding show....

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    Don't give anybody your contact info unless you're seriously considering using them, they will hound you forever.

    Eat lots of cake.
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    ditto don't give contact info out. They sell it and you will get annoying people emailing and calling you all the time.

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    Ditto PPs about contact info.


    Take a notebook and jot down ideas/notes/places you may want to follow up with.

    Sign up for on-site drawings (happening day of) You could win your cake or some accessories or whatever!

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    You can get a ton done and get some fun ideas... you could really book all of your vendors in one day. 

    Eat lots of cake.
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    If you sign up for contests/prizes at each vendor they will all call you saying "you won".  I didnt even go this past year so they must have had my contact info from before.  I got about 10 calls this year saying it was nice meeting me at the weddig fair and i won, it was pretty funny to hear their tone change when i said 'hmm thats weird pretty sure i wasn't even there"....
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    Create an email account strictly for the bridal keeps your regular account free and clear of all the spam you will receive.

    Save your hands from writers cramp----bring a bunch of return address labels---makes it easier and faster to fill out the forms you will be asked to fill over and over again.

    Scan the vendor list ahead of time and only approach vendors you have a real interest in----don't give eye contact to the others!

    When you are approached by a vendor you have no interest in seeing, repeat the phrase, "Oh, we already have that item covered"!

    Consider "accidentally" changing the area code to your phone number....especially if the only number you have is a cell phone.

    Enjoy the people watching!!
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    Yes!! I made an email account for ALL my bridal purposes.  I agree with the return labels as well.

    Don't give out your cell or home phone number at all. 

    I didn't check out the vendor list at all because I didn't have any idea of what I wanted to do yet.  So I did check out every vendor pretty much.  I did get great ideas.  There were also other things not really related to weddings.  One lady gave me a free back massage!!!

    Just have fun!  Take the free samples of everything.  Try all the free samples of food, cake, drink, etc.  I actually didn't eat anything before my expo and was full by the time I left!

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