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Walking down the aisle together

Jim and I have decided that we want to walk down the aisle together.  Is this too wierd?  And should I go to the doors first and let him walk to me or visa versa?  Not sure how to start it out.  Our bridesmaids and best men will be at the church door already.  Not sure how to pull this off so the photographer can get the 'first look" shot.  Thanks

Re: Walking down the aisle together

  • I think it's beautifully meaningful for the two of you to be entering your new life together.  If you want a "first look" moment, you should probably do that pre-ceremony.  Even if you don't do a full pre-ceremony shoot, you can still have the photographer or his assistant with you outside the doors when you meet to walk down the aisle.
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  • We are going to walk together too. My parents can't come to our wedding from over seas , so I don't have anybody to walk me down the aisle. And it's one of the traditions in Russian Orthodox Church  for  groom and  bride come to church together. 
  • I hadn't really considered this before but I'm loving the idea! I think I'm absolutely going to have to ask FH what he thinks of this.. I think if we do this, however, we'll have to have a special moment to recognize our parents - perhaps give them each a flower and a hug, or something. I think my dad would be upset at not walking me down the aisle, so I would want to recognize him in some other way..
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