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Nothing to do with wedding...........just blah

So, I have lived in my apt for 2 yrs. Well, my FI and I got a beagle which is just sooo adorable!! She is 3 months old and weigh 14 lbs. Well, my landlord told me she is 2 pds over the weight requirement so I had to either get rid of her or put my 30 day notice in. Of course, I said fine, here is my 30 day notice. I have to pay 1000 for early termination. How ridiculous is that?

We are trying to buy a house so I guess it is not to bad of a timing. But, since we don't have a house yet, we're moving into my FIL. I don't know if anyone has lived with their in-laws but I'd like to know what your experience was. I just think it is wonderful of them to open up their home to me.

My FI said that he has ruined my life b/c I quit my job to be closer and am working somewhere that I am not particulary fond of & that now he got us kicked out of our apt that I like.
I told him that isn't true. I did quit my job but I was driving an hour everyday. Anything I can do to make him realize that it is sincerly alright?

Re: Nothing to do with wedding...........just blah

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    I had almost an exact thing as you. I met my FI & I ended up leaving my job & school to be with him. Let me tell you it was the best decision I have ever made. So many good things have come out of it since! And for the first time in my life I am truly completly happy. Just let your FI know you did the right thing & that plenty more good things will come out of this change for you. I don't regret my decision at all not even once & it's been 2 1/2 years!
                And when we first lived together we lived in my FI's brothers house. It was good most of the time except when he brought his crazy ex gf over who just picked a fight with me every time.
         So we moved out of there into his parents basement apartment that they told us to just come in to. We just got our own townhouse after living there for a year and a half. And right now i'm back at his parents house to visit for the day. It's like the third time this week I've been here. I do miss them & their company. I absolutely loved living with my FILs. I became very close to them & they are just like they've been  family since the day I was born.
         From living with his parents I became such good friends with my FMIL & my FSIL. We do alot of girl things together like today we're going out shopping :) It realy has been so wonderful. I love his family and they love me. It's nice being able to be so close to them & do family things all together. Every sunday we have dinner together & switch weekends of either my FMIL cooks or I cook.
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    I got married in June and My H and I have lived with my parents since then.  We are also saving to buy a house and it just makes more sense to pay a lower rent here and be able to save more.  Luckily we are only 3 months into living here and we are already looking for homes.  We live in a "guest house" so we have a private entrance, our own livingroom, etc.  I think the key to making the experience work is having somewhere to retreat to when you need time by yourselves and setting both your and your ils boundaries before you move in.  That way everyone knows where everyone stands. 

    Hopefully you won't have to live there long and you will be in your dream home soon. Best of Luck!!

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    Put the dog on a diet.

    (I'm kidding, I swear.)

    Hope it all works out.  It sounds like you have a very sweet, concerned fiance.  Congrats.
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    What did you landlord go and weigh your dog!!??!!???  Your landlord sucks!!!

    I had a similar job situation as yours.  I was driving an hour to work and another hour back to be with my FI.  However, I recently got a new job that is in town but earning much much much less than I think I deserve and not even in the area I'm interested in.  But what's the point of having a job if you're not with the one you love? 

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    Thanks girls!!! Your messages really cheered me up..especially about the dog on a diet!!!! Thanks for your advice. Yeah, my landlord does suck!!

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