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Any of you taller than your man?

Hi all.    I was just wondering if any of you brides are taller than your FI. I am just now looking for photographers for our wedding and there sure are no photos of brides taller than the husband.  I mean, I am used to it by now, but I can't possibly be the only woman who is marrying a man who is shorter, right?Thanks.

Re: Any of you taller than your man?

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    I'm so in the same boat. I'm prob 2 inches talled than my FI and I look even taller because Im lanky. blah. But I think in my pics I am going to bend a little at the knee to make us the same height. lol Also there are a lot of poses where height doesn't matter. Like you sitting on his knee, you both sitting down, him carrying you in his arms and him dipping you. Honestly, it doesnt bother me on a day to day basis but for our wedding pictues I want them to be perfect, though I'm sure Ill get a variety and I know I'll love them all because they are with him.
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