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I've never really posted here, but have read alot of good info and advice.... and I just wanted to share with someone... that I am so super EXCITED! does anyone feel as happy as I do to be so close to their wedding? I know the answer is yes, but I had to share with someone before I exploded...anyway, I hope everyone is loving being engaged as much as i do and that all those weddings are simply delicious!

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    This post made me smile a little and I love thinking about my wedding as being 'delicious'.I hope you have a super 'delicious' wedding also, girl
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    Have a "Delicious" wedding and congrats on everything. I too am very excited about mine. I wish for it to get here sooner till I think about what all I have to do then it seems way too close. But no matter how anyones day turns out it is still the best day of your life, starting a new life with the person you love more than anything in the world.
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    Yes I also plan on having a delicious wedding. So I want to extend that to all you brides out there. Delicious weddings to all of us. Yay!
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    Luv it! I'm gald I was able to make some people smile! so much drama in everyday life it's good to know that brides can take time out and remember how great it feels to be getting married!
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