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Do we need a microphone?

We're having an outside wedding ceremony, with approximately 175 guests, in one month. It didn't occur to me until yesterday that we might need amplification. 

I'm not worried about the officiant, cause he bellows every Sunday, but will our guests be able to hear our readings and vows?  

The venue has not mentioned it, nor has the DJ (who is providing the ceremony music), and he has worked at this venue plenty of times before. 

Am I worrying over nothing? 

Re: Do we need a microphone?

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    I would say yes, you need a microphone.

    Not necessarily for the vows, but definitely for the readers and probably even for your minister. He may bellow every Sunday, but he bellows inside a building designed to be acoustically friendly, and the church may have small area mikes you don't even know about.

    Ask your DJ, he may be planning to provide one anyway.
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    Talk to your venue and the DJ to see if either has one you can use. I bet they do. I've been to a few outdoor weddings where I could barely hear anything -- not fun and makes the whole thing feel kind of pointless from the guest perspective.
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    I think it depends on your ceremony location. I think for pretty much any outdoor ceremony you should. One friend of mine got married outside, and I was stood up for her as a BM, and I could barely hear what was being said when there was no additional noise. In addition to it being hard to hear, their location was also under a military flight path apparently, so 4 different times during the ceremony, everything was completely drowned out by jets flying over (And instead of stopping, they just plowed right throw, so they really could have said "I promise to eat cake off of your @$$ every night" and nobody would have known).

    Other friends of mine also got married outside and this time I was a seated guest, same thing: could barely hear them (But there were no jets this time).

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    YES.  You need a microphone.  My friends got married outside last year and didn't worry about it because they had a very short ceremony and a very loud officiant.  However, once things got started the wind swallowed all the voices completely.  We had no idea what was going on and didn't know it was over until they kissed.

    I've even been to indoor weddings where a microphone would have been nice because the groom got nervous and mumbled his vows.

    Talk to your venue and/or DJ and see what your options are.  I would much rather have a microphone than find out later that most of my guests couldn't hear the important parts.

    Good luck!
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