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help with my little poems

I posted a while back that I am hosting a bachelorette party this weekend. It is going to be a scavenger hunt about town to get things she will need for the day. Each will be in an envelope with the money she will need for the item. I have 10 poems for 10 items. What do you think of them? and if you can think of better wording let me know! TIA Where to start you can’t make up your mind, bright hues and liners you need to find pick some shadows and have no fear you get to put it on without a mirror! Roses are red, violets are blue, A bride needs flowers and you do too! You have no money for a bouquet Ask a gentleman to help you on your way Bling Bling you need a RING!!!! Swinging to and fro but something is missing (and no I am not talking about the kissing) Having no beat makes your steps quite bumpy Make a call for your first dance melody Your feet need papering too But you don’t know what to do Your ideas seem to flip-flop Find some to make your outfit pop! its time to go to the middle of the floor and show a little leg, some of the boys want to catch this and others avoid it like the plague On your day a bride must shine From your toes to your hairline this just won’t do, your neck is bare You much choose what to wear Sparkle here sparkle there We are missing one last pair Stickers are best for this duo Making your face all aglow A pop! Then out it flows Into a flute before the toast To him and to her the bride and groom Then applause and clinks will fill the room A symbol of love? or a ball and chain? Finding this trinket is part of the game Hook his finger with this hoop And show he is taken in one fell swoop
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