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witnesses vs. bridal party

Has anyone been to a wedding or had a wedding in which the bride and groom each had a witness stand on their behalf vs. having a traditional wedding party?  My FI and I are each having our brother be our witness.  Wasn't sure how involved a witness could get....I know I could really do whatever we want to but looking for ideas.

Re: witnesses vs. bridal party

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    I think it would be fine without a bridal party. I have been to one wedding without one, and they had their families walk in during the traditional bridesmaid walk.  I think you could either have both brothers standing by your side, or they could be seated with their respective families.  I think either would look great.  (Everyone looks at the bride anyways :)
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    See my reply on the WP board.
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    We are not really having a traditional wedding party either.  I'm having my sister as my witness and he's having his best friend.  We are also having my oldest niece and nephew as Jr bridesmaid and groomsman and my four other nieces as flower girls.  He's having three other friends as just ushers but that's it.  We are involving the rest of our siblings - I have two brothers and he has three sisters - by having them do readings or other things during the ceremony.  there were just too many people to choose from and I am an older bride so I didn't want to have an army of people standing up there with us.
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