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I am having an outdoor reception on a lake outside of Syracuse - I want to do a barbecue - specifically a pig roast - I really need some referrals!!! Any leads wouldbe very appreciated!

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    Dude that sounds like so much fun!!! It's not on the fingerlakes, is it? My Fiance is from that area so maybe he can help. Also, you might want to try posting on your local boards, I'm sure you'll get more ideas there!
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    Its on Oneida Lake - just north of Syracuse.  Thanks  I am hoping its going to be alot of fun...if I can get someone to do it!
  • Options Aunt and Uncle live in Syracuse.  I don't know a lot about the area personally, but I do remember a great barbecue place they had there.  Try this:, looking at their catering menu I didn't see a pig roast, but they had all kinds of other stuff and it's fantastic. 
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