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Help.....Rehersal Dinner

We have a rather large bridal party and there will be 45 people at our rehersal dinner. So heres the you think its bad to have the rehersal dinner at the same place I am having the wedding? It will be in a different room of course. It is impossible to find a private restaurant at a affordable price on a Thursday night. I dont want to pick another venue and have it be compared to wear my reception will be held the night of my wedding. Guidance please.....

Re: Help.....Rehersal Dinner

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    I do not think its a bad idea. I'm doing the same thing. Good luck on your wedding!
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    Sounds smart to me.  They'd probably give you a really good price for it, too.
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    That sounds practical to me!  have fun!

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    [QUOTE]do you think its bad to have the rehersal dinner at the same place I am having the wedding?
    Posted by jbenti[/QUOTE]
    No, I don't think it's bad at all!
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    Go for it.  Then your bridal party knows how to get there (and better yet the guests/significant others/spouses do too!
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    My DD and SIL had their RD at the same venue~different room, same facility.  It was lovely.
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    I'm doing it as well, they have a restaurant a few rooms away. Plus we are going to be there anyway doing our rehearsal so why not?

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    I dont think its a bad idea... My rehearsal dinner will have that many people as well and were doing it at the same hall as our shower. Id rather that money that my FMIL is going to give use for that to go towards our flowers which she agreed upon. My mom cooks better than half these restaurants and can cook for a large group like and offered so I said why not
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    Seems easy enough and probably cheaper. I thought about doing that.


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    jbentijbenti member
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    See thats what I thought, but people make you second guess yourself. Thanks for all your help.....Happy wedding planning to all

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