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is your knot checklist messed up?

I just went to my checklist and it looks like I haven't done anything for the wedding. Looks like all my items previously marked as completed didn't save.Is anyone else having this problem?

Re: is your knot checklist messed up?

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    I printed mine yesterday and there were alot of duplicate items listed.  And in a weird order.
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    yes, I'm 2 days away from my wedding and had almost everything marked off then this morning when I signed in my list was back to the original length.  There was nothing checked off at all and there are several duplicate items.
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    Yep - same thing here! A bunch of my completed items are marked as open again. What's going on?!
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    Hi,We had an error today and we will be restoring all data asap. No need to start over-all info will be restored. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. KA
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