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To toss, or not to toss?


Re: To toss, or not to toss?

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    We are doing a bouquet toss, but not a traditional one.  We'll be doing our "big leave" from the reception instead of the wedding, so I'll just toss it up in the air before I get in the car.  It won't be announced or anything.
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    I was having this same dilema and posted a question about it on a discussion board. I got an awesome suggestion to do a lottery-ticket boquet toss and open it up to ANYBODY. I think it will be fun!
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    Here's a 24 year olds two cents.  I really like the idea that stina93446 brought up and I have seen it done at one wedding. The anniversary dance is a fitting tribute to lasting marriages, and is more fitting for a wedding than singling out guests with the toss.  I will be doing anniversary dance at my wedding even though must of our friends are in their 20’s and single. 


    The last time I was excited about the toss was when I was about 10 (right about the time I wanted to be a flower girl), and since then have hated doing it.   Marriage should be celebration that the two of you took the time to find the right person.  I feel the bouquet toss underminds the people who choose to be single and to wait for the right person. 

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    I decided not to do it after going to a few wedding where the girls would fight over who got the flowers and then when they did the garter the girls would do innapporate dance then sit and get the garter put on still acting that way.... There's a time and place for that and its not going to be at my wedding. I don't think that anyone will miss me doing it anyways.

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    I personally love the bouquet toss tradition. But if you don't have a lot of single ladies attending your wedding, why not invite all ladies to the game?
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    honestly i think they will be relieved not to have to do it!  i'm only 23 and i always hate it when the dj is trying to drag girls to the floor to catch the bouquet.  to me it's tacky and old fashioned, other girls i've been at weddings with were equally weary of having to go up.  i was at another wedding where the bride and groom skipped the bouquet and garter toss - no one even noticed it until the mother of the bride was talking about it at breakfast the next day.
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    We just attended a wedding where all female guests were invited out for the toss and the "Winner" got a dance with the groom. They did the same for the garter....winner got to dance with the bride. I loved that idea as I was hating the idea of singling out my few guests who are unattached.

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