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Alternative to Candles and Sand for unique situation

The grooms mother is very sick and we don't think she will make it to the wedding in May 2012. We want to do something different instead of sand or unity candles without having to honor parents so that we don't focus on the fact that she isn't here. Any Ideas?

Re: Alternative to Candles and Sand for unique situation

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    Are you religious? We are considering feet washing. I know that sounds super weird but Jesus washed the feet of the disciples before the last supper (back in those times feet washing was the lowest form of slavery because they had no shoes or just wore sandals), so it is the ultimate gesture of humanity, love, devotion, and servitude.
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    Sand and candles don't have to involve any of the parents.  You could still do either if that is what you would like.

    DH and I did a unity candle like this.  I lit one taper candle, he lit the other taper candle.  Together, we lit the center candle.  No big deal.
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    Yeah you can always skip it all together or a sand ceremony doesn't have to involve the parents at all.
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    We would like to do something but wanted something different it seems all weddings are becoming the same and we don't want that. We aren't very religious as we are two different religions.
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    As PP stated, just skip those things altogether.

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    you can also consider the handfasting or the salt covenant. there are actually lots of other alternatives available on the internet, you just have to choose whats suited for both of you.
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    not meant to be a b*tchy remark... but shouldnt you wish for her well being rather than planning for her absence? just sounds a bit off to me... but hey, i guess some people can never be too prepared.

    i'm doing an earth ceremony... planting something in a pot that all of our loved ones will scoop soil into. i like the idea of our loved ones helping us grow together in happiness and love as a couple. its not specific, and i think it can cater to any situation.

    best of luck, and i wish your future mother in law happiness, love, and peace in her life.

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