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Including the unincluded! Please help I need some ideas!

Alright so my finace has 4 brothers and 1 sister! 3 of the brothers are groomsmen and I asked his sister to be one of my bridesmaids. His other brother is marrying us! So we each have 4 groomsmen and bridesmaids. My soon to be mother-in-law just mentioned to me that my soon to be sister-in-law is feeling a little left out becuase everyone else is in the wedding! My fiance isn't a big fan of asking her to be a bridesmaid because we already asked everyone months ago. He also doesnt like the idea of 4 groomsmen and 5 bridesmaids. She is very quiet and shy so a reading wouldnt work. Any ideas can help!? She is really sweet and I dont want her to feel left out!
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