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Need some planning timeline advice

I got engaged in December and my wedding isn't for a while (not by choice really, but because of the date we wanted we had to choose to have a really short or kind of long engagement so we chose long!) but I'm curious as to when everyone started planning stuff.  We're booking our venue next weekend, but I don't know when I should start looking at everything else, and most timelines just give a vague 12+ months out for planning.  If anyone has had a longer engagement, I'd love to know when you did what!

Re: Need some planning timeline advice

  • As soon as we got engaged, I checked out all the wedding planning books the library had.  Bridal Bargains was the best.  We knew where we WANTED to get married and have the reception, but we soon found out that neither would be possible because of construction and costs.  Which reminds me, set a budget before you start planning.  That was 22 months out, so we started researching venues online.

    I started looking for, and bought, my gown 21 months before the wedding date.  I hadn't thought THE dress would only be the 6th I tried on.

    19 month out we contacted our favorite caterers and set up interviews.  At that time we also booked the ceremony/reception venue.  We just sent a signed contract and deposita few weeks ago, so 15 months out.
  • We booked most of our vendors around the 12 month mark.  I got the dress a little bit before that.  We did a lot of visualizing in the months before, but then everything went out the window because we couldn't afford it.  The final product will be much different than what we were envisioning at 12 months.

    Honestly, once all your major vendors are booked, there's not a whole lot to do until you hit about 5 months out, unless you're doing a ton of DIY.  It doesn't really matter if you book your vendors at 18 months or 8, you're still going to be twiddling your thumbs for a while.
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  • You have plenty of time, don't rush it :) My FI proposed right before Christmas 2009 and we're getting married in June this year, and I got everything done.  You have the venue, which is great!  I don't know that I'd start trying on dresses until you're within a year (9-10 months before the wedding is a good time to start).  You'll have enough time to get a gown that might take six months to make, but it's short enough that you won't worry too much about whether or not you bought the right gown.  Look into caterers, photographers and florists about 5 months before.  Make sure your bridesmaids have their attire ordered at the 3-4 month mark.  Ceremony vows can be worked on at about 2-3 months out. 

    These are just my own guidelines, so do whatever works best for you!  If you want to get it all done earlier, go for it! :)
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