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12 days out...ahhh

So what am I missing, not doing, haven't thought of.  I'm 12 days out and had a mini panic attack this morning thinking about it.....

Re: 12 days out...ahhh

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    Did you get your marriage license?  I had a friend remember everything BUT the license. hahaha
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    Use the check list on TK.  I found that to be helpful. 

    Call your vendors and confirm payments, date, and time just to make sure there aren't problems that come up on your wedding day.

    Keep a note pad in your purse for the next few days in case you think of something that needs done but you can't get to it immediately.
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    Just take a deep breath and make a list.
    I know the feeling very well, because I'm 11 days out today, and I'm trying really hard not to freak out, but the list thing really helps. It also makes me feel better to talk about our plans. I sat down with my Mom last night and we went through the details we have so far for how the day of and the few days before are going to go, so I know that someone else is on the same page as my FI and I, and we really aren't forgetting anything major. It helps for me, at least.
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    If you're doing assigned seats or table, remember the place cards. Even with TK's checklist, I still managed to forget that one somehow, and there was no time to order them or print them, so I had to do them by hand the week before.

    My handwriting sucks, so I really hated how they turned out, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I keep reminding myself that no sane person would judge my wedding based on the crappy place cards, but it still bugs me I didn't have time to even attempt to print them.

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