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Cocktail networking party tonight

I can't even get a phone # to call to get the information about tonight party. Can you believe? Can someone text me at 714 343-9844 for the meeting address and time.Thank you.
714 343-9844 Text this #.

See you there. I have tones of brides to refer to attendees.
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Re: Cocktail networking party tonight

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    Trufax, yo. She banned somebody earlier that was actually fun to play with for trolling.

    All though, PinkBubbles STILL hasn't been banned, even when her being a troll was pointed out. Hmm ... I'm having a crisis of Knot God faith.

    *I felt sorry for my husband before I met him. Take a number.*

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    This makes me smile


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    And are you really that dense to put a cell # and address on TK??  Apparently so.....


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    Wow...I think we should spam the sh*t out of her cell.

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    Yeah for real bad time to spam. Blocking her now. Checked out Pinkbubbles... couldn't ban her from what I saw. She had mostly legit posts.
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