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My flower girl had a growth spirt!

My flower girl is 9 years old and just had a huge growth spirt over the last couple months. Now she is as tall as me or taller. She tried on dresses today and couldn't fit into any flower girl dresses so she has to wear a jr. bridesmaid dress. I am afraid she is going to look to old and grown up walking as my flower girl. Should I be worried... any input? Thanks

Re: My flower girl had a growth spirt!

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    If she's still comfortable with being your flower girl, I don't see a problem.  She's only too old or grown-up if she says she is.  Hell, adult flower girls aren't unheard of.
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    Sometimes I feel like people think that brides are delicate little flower princesses who get all dressed up and pretty for one special moment of their dreams, when really they're just normal people who just happen to be getting married. Things shouldn't have to be sugar-coated for grown-ass women. -mstar284
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    i wanted my lil cousin to be my flower girl but shes too old for it but i really wanted her in the wedding so shes kinda of a jr. bridemaid slash flower girl  because she is kinda of short for her age she just turned 12 or 13......but just to make things even and so the ring bear has someone to walk back up with i did it that way...
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