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Still my wedding

I'm not really sure what category this fits in to so I thought this would work. I have a bit a situation  and I hope no other person has to go through this. I am 24 years old and getting married August 6th. My little brother tragically passed away July 3rd. He was two years younger then me. It was a hard decision to continue with the wedding. My brother was so excited for my wedding some times I thought more then me. Because of this I knew that we had to continue with our plans. We have changed some things about our wedding to make sure that my little brother is remembered. My brother was a groomsman, we are leaving his spot empty. Also all the groomsman are wearing lapel pins with the number  22. 22 was my brother's  football number since he was in third grade and all through college, which he had 8 credits left. Myself and many of the women who were close to my brother are wearing charms with his picture. We are also including him in the program along with adding a memorial table at the reception site. We will have his picture and football helmet on the table along with pictures of the grandparents that have passed. So the reason for this post is to ask am I doing too much for my brother. It is still my day and I don't want it to be over shadowed by my brothers death but I want people to know how important he was to me. 

Am I doing too much or too little?

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