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Slightly Confused and Conflicted

I am feeling a little torn on what I want for my wedding.  I apologize in advance if this is too long and seems like a rant.  I've never wanted a traditional church wedding, though I would be happy with just a 20 minute ceremony in a church.  I thought my FI was on the same page, until he apparently told my father the night he asked for permission that he would give my dad want he wanted and let him walk me down a church aisle.  My dad has led me to believe that this is what he would like and I have no problem giving him that, I believe its the least I can considering everything my father does for me.  But I've heard from my mother that he is totally ok with the idea of a destination wedding as along as the flight wasn't too long, like Las Vegas, which is want I've wanted this whole time.  He apparently didn't want to let me know that this was ok with him for whatever reason.  I think he's afraid that I won't have a celebration when we returned.  Last night, he finally told me that he would kind of be ok with a Vegas wedding (realistically I think he just wants a good excuse to go back because he loved it there LOL).  But now I'm feeling torn and confused.  My FI's parents are saying elopement all the way but obviously they are on board with whatever we decide to do.  I would still invite my close family and friends to Vegas to be with us and it would totally be up to them if they wanted to come.  In all reality as along as I have parents and siblings, I'm ok. 

Does anyone have any advice??  Do I do what I want and go to Vegas whether my father is ok with the decision or not?

Thanks!  and sorry again if it was long...
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