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Worried about # of guests wanting to make the trip

I'm planning on inviting 120 people to my wedding (September 2011). But it's 4 hours away (in Niagara Falls) and I don't know how many people will actually be coming. How do I budget for this? I'm scared that no one will come because it's too far, and I won't find this out until I get the RSVPs back. And by that time it will be too late to really change anything. My one cousin (bff) said she can't come bc she has 2 kids and can't afford it in this recession... Plus my dad's mad that I'm having it that far (even though he's not paying for anything)
Anyone else having this issue?
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Re: Worried about # of guests wanting to make the trip

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    A 4 hour trip for a wedding isn't bad at all.  I think you'll be fine.
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    I'm having an out of town wedding that's 3 hours away for my FI and I, as well as my family. It's 15 hours away for FI's family as they live in NY.

    The way I chose to look at it is, we wanted a wedding at the beach, if people want to attend, we'd love to have them. If they can't attend because it's so far away, that's fine as well, and we won't be upset with anyone for not coming. I myself could not attend a wedding 15 hours away, and we have let everyone know it's no biggie if they can't make it.

    If it bothers you that much that some people won't be able to attend because you are having it out of town, then move it closer to your hometown.

    Also, you'd be surprised how many people do plan on attending, I have received several "yes" rsvps from people that I didn't think would make the trip. One of them is a friend that lives 12 hours away in FL, he's making the drive for my wedding, so some people may surprise you.

    If you do want your cousin to be there since she's your "bff" maybe you could offer to cover the cost of her hotel room? Or offer to let her ride with you up there.
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    For some people 4 hours is no big deal. But if you know that it is a hardship to your friends and family, why did you decide to have it 4 hours away?

    At this point you have to just wait for the RSVPs to be returned. You made the decision and now you have to live with it.
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    If its really important to you for your sister to show up, offer to put them up in a hotel for the night. 8 hours of driving is alot for kids, many adults will probably want a hotel room also (so maybe look into securing a room block for discounted rates?).

    We're having a destination wedding as well, and while it will trim down our guest list, it will also make it so only the ones who really want to be there, will be. And we still love the ones that cant :)
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    September 2011 is  a long time away.  That is a lot of time for people's finances to change.  I would budget as if all 120 were coming, because sometimes it does happen. 120 people may get the urge to go see the falls :)

    You can send save the dates 6 months out to get a better idea of who will be coming. 
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    How do I budget for this?

    You budget for it like they will all come, and if they don't and you have money leftover, that's a bonus.

    I'm scared that no one will come because it's too far, and I won't find this out until I get the RSVPs back.

    You can casually bring it up to people that you're close to, asking if they think they'll be able to make it or not.  Just don't ask them to commit.  But plenty of people travel for weddings, so it'll probably be fine.
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    Always, always, always plan for 100%.  The only people who didn't travel the 4-6 hours (or more) to Vegas were my grandparents, who haven't left the zip code in years, and one of DH's uncles who has some weird hangup about Vegas.

    As long as you give people plenty of notice so they can start saving up, I'd probably expect a pretty good turnout.
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    We're having this same issue with our wedding being inSouthern IL, where my family lives. HIs family live mostly in Northern IL, about 5 hours away...Hopefully things work for both of us!
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    You'd be surprised who shows and doesn't show up. We had some relatives from across the country RSVP "Yes", but some who lived less than 2 hours away say no. Have the wedding that you'll love, but just don't be discouraged if some people don't come.
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    Yeah people will travel for a taste of wedding cake!! hahaha
    We have people coming in from around the world, but some people who live 3hrs away, think its too far to travel!  Go figure...You'll never be able to please everyone, so don't even try.. Those who can/want to come will let you know...just be sure to budget for 100%.

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