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today was one of those days where all of a sudden it hits you. i grew up at my grandparents, pretty much, my parents were both busy with their jobs and so my bro and i went to the grandparents for babysitting.

well my grandparents aren't doing so well, and i am sorry to say i feel horrible that i haven't seen them as much as i should have. i went over to the house the day before the wedding and was applauded. there were stacks of mail all over the house, the bathroom was in a state i dont even want to describe, they have rats, and dogs that come over from the neighbors house that just park their asses on the front lawn and wait to harass my grandparents for treats, and nearly knock them down. it's a disaster over there. my mom had tried to tell me for a while and i really thought she was exaggerating. there was no way that my grandma, this amazing woman, would ever let anything like what my mom was saying happen. well it was.

 today was the first day of operation clean up over there. my parents and i went over and did a huge once over on the house. dusted, cleaned bathrooms and threw out all the junk mail that solicted for money (which is horrible by the way. asking old people with pensions to give money to 20 different animal rescue sites,granted animals need help but come on, campaigns, or god knows what else). i have to say that i feel horrible i could have prevented all this from happening but i allowed myself to get caught up in work, and school. i know that it probably isnt true but still i feel horrible. we three did so much today but not nearly as much as needed to be done. we have decided that it needs to happen at least once a week for a long time but still...ugh sorry just a little down and out at the moment.

is anyone else in the same boat with grandparents?
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