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aisle runner

I cannot for the life of me find a reasonable aisle runner! i dont want a see thru one (its going on blue carpet)  I dont really need it monogrammed...I dont understand why i cant find one lol i have googled everything!!

Re: aisle runner

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    In the church in which I work, we discourage the use of aisle runners.  They really serve no purpose, and it can be a tripping hazard.  They rarely lay down smoothly unless you lay them before the guests arrive, and then it sort of defeats the purpose of having an aisle runner for the bride to process down on.

    I'd just skip it.  You'll save money and it's one less thing to think about.
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    Agree, I've seen more tripping because of the runner. Just skip it. Besides, you get all worried about the bride being the first one to walk on it - but the guests end up on it prior to the wedding anyways.
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    I am skipping the aisle runner because I am afraid of tripping.
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    They have aisle runners for all budgets.
    We bought my daughter's from there.
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    I agree that the disposable aisle runners are more trouble than they're worth.

    Most party rental places have white carpet runners that you can rent.  That takes care of the tripping hazard, bunching up, etc. and they look really nice!
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    I am renting one from the rent-it store that I am renting a few other things from.  Its black, yeah, and it has a rubber backing so it won't slip on the concrete floor of my hall.  Try a rent it store.
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    Can you make one?  Thus customizing it to your needs?  Yes, a tripping hazard, but if you have your heart set on one, then I'm sure there's a material store and you can buy the material to do so....  Cool
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    Don't you love how everyone tries to persuade you not to get one instead of answering your question!?! I had this question and took morainemom 's advice. That site seems to have them at reasonable prices for the colors and monograms you can get.
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