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What are some of your crazy moments?

So I know I have gone through some crazy moods when planning my wedding.  From where to have the wedding, issues with what my mom wants, and all the way from thinking about just eloping and save the money...

What are some of your top stories of when you were simply going crazy with you wedding planning?

Re: What are some of your crazy moments?

  • I had a complete melt-down the first time I went wedding-dress shopping...I actually went so completely nuts that I didn't eat for a week, then took off and drove cross-country by myself to get away from my family and FI and clear my head.  It wasn't really about the dress.  Shopping for the dress just brought a lot of internal crap to the surface.  However, it was definitely a crazy bride time for me.

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  • I haven't begun planning yet...but I can't wait to read these responses... I'm sure the stress will get to me and I will have a major freakout at some point. Probably on my very strong-willed mother.
  • I had a crazy moment last March when my florist came back and said she checked prices and her quote was going to double.  Even though she told me she could do what I wanted at the price she had already quoted in the fall.  (Note to Mother's Day weekend brides...double check flower quotes!).  I didn't have it in the budget to do her new quote and I didn't really like her trial anyway so I scratched the flower centerpieces and found candle ones for my May wedding. 
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  • I have had little melt downs here and there, but the worst had to be the day of my shower. It was being held at my moms house , so a bunch of family came into town early to help out. I was running really late and took a quick shower and was about to straighten my hair when I realized I didn't rinse out all the conditioner! I didn't have time to rewash it, so there was my first melt down of the day. After that it just went downhill. I hardly ever wear makeup, so putting it on made me have another melt down! Then my mom and cousin (who were hosting my shower) were over an hour late, another melt down, lol.

    The only good thing about it, it made me realize I will be having at least 4 melt downs on my wedding day and I will  definitely be having someone do my hair and makeup on the day of! lol
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  • I had a major meltdown about the guest list.  FI's dad died when he was young and so he's not as close with that side of his family.  My FMIL refuses to have anything to do with the wedding and it took her 5 months to come up with a list of her family/ his dad's side that he doesn't even really remember.  Then she gave us a list where most of the people didn't have last names and she gave us no addresses or phone numbers.  When I asked her about it she said "well its your wedding, you deal with it." wtf, I don't know these people, FI barely knows these people!  I proceeded to spend 4 hours sitting on trying to find people in the phone book! I found out later that half of the save the dates got sent to wrong addresses or names.  Thankfully we haven't sent out our invitations yet and I have been e-mailing his aunt (who lives on the other end of the country and is more helpful/concerned with the wedding than FMIL) so those mistakes won't happen again!
  • I haven't had a major crazy meltdown but I did have one moment where I just got overly pissed off for no real reason. My mom INSISTED on sending an invitation to 2 old ladies who are family friends. I hadn't added them because I barely know them and our guest list was already big. She swore up and down they weren't coming, they 'just wanted an invitation as a keepsake.'

    So I send the invite and 2 days later, they RSVP! I was already having a crappy day and that just set me off. I called my mom and bitched at her for making me invite even more people and we got into it over my negative attitude. She was convinced I was going to make myself miserable the day of the wedding and I was mad because I knew I'd have to deal with FI, as I'd already told him he couldn't invite a couple people because of the guest list.

    In the end it was fine, they probably won't come anyway. If it had been any other day I would have just been mildly annoyed, but that particular day was just crappy from beginning to end.
  • Umm...every day.  I obsess about every little aspect of the wedding, centerpieces, invitations...everything.  I am always changing my mind and have control issues, but so far the planning has gone well.
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  • My moment was when my mom told me that my reasoning to not invite children to the wedding was stupid and out of reach.

    My FI and my reasoning was that we could not afford it.
  • My meltdown moment was flipping out about invitation wording.  I was excited to use my artistic side to design our invitations... Yay for DIY! I worked on everything from color to font and wording.  I even created an image of two birds that we are carrying through to the programs and placecards.  After countless hours (I designed everything using only word, paint and powerpoint- not exactly the appropriate programs so it was all pretty tedious) and when I was finally ready to start printing them off my FI decided he wanted to make some changes.  I couldn't believe that at the very end, after watching the whole process and being asked for feedback the entire time, that's when he decided that he didn't like the wording on the RSVP card.  He's British and thought we should ask if there were any dietary requirements (since that's a common thing there) where as I saw that as a liability (if someone told us they had an allergy- we'd be taking responsibility) not to mention there are going to be 7 meal options so everyone should be accomodated. Turned into quite the argument.  In retrospect it was really pretty silly but that has definitely been my biggest meltdown!
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