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Bubbles! Will they ruin my dress?

I am getting married and would like to have bubbles at the wedding but I heard that they will ruin my dress and my bridesmaid dresses.  I also heard that there are bubbles that will not ruin the dresses.  Has anyone had any experience with this or know of any bubbles that will not ruin the dresses?


Re: Bubbles! Will they ruin my dress?

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    Make sure that your dress won`t show water spots something like a really shiny satin is more likely to show marks if they land on you vs something like s rough silk. having said that i hope the answer is no for you because it sounds like an awesome idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The only thing I can think of is taffeta- I leaned on a bathroom counter and got water spots on a dress.
    dont make ur password so easy. gbck2CA2 hahahaha
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