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ACK nervous about job

EKK, so I got fired from my job in april after being there a little over 3 years, got a new job a week after i got fired but she lied to me about the hours i would be getting and we can't afford our bills. Both of those were in a bakery and cake decorating jobs. Now today I'm handing out my resume to daycares and preschools. I e-mailed one on thursday and they told me to come in today to talk about the job openings they have. I'm SO nervous because although from 07-09 I worked with kids its different than what Iv been doing for the last 3+ years. UGGGH I'm so glad I have my anxiety meds but holy crap my heart is still beating a mile a minute. *sigh* sorry this is rambling I'm just ugh so nervous.
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Re: ACK nervous about job

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    thanks ladies! well, the place that told me to come in and talk to them just told me to fill out an application and then they haven't called me. Another place I gave my resume to called me on thursday to let me know that they want me to come in on monday at 9am for an interview. So I'm really excited for that. I really hope I get it because its SO frustrating not being able to afford the bills. 
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