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Vent (very long)

So I just really need to vent right now, I'm just so pissed and stressed out. I'm mostly pissed about work, so I'll start with that.

I work at a group home for adults living with homelessness and severe mental illness. I work from 4pm-1am, and due to budget cuts in recent years, I am the only person on my shift (12 tenants). This is stressful in itself, especially during this time of day between all the crises, dispensing medication, cooking and cleaning, etc. I do like my job, and would like it even more if I had better co-workers. Well, most of them are pretty good except for the one who has my job during the day.

I get mad all the time because she literally does nothing, and leaves everything for me to do when I come on my shift; like hours of work that NEEDS to be done that day. Not to mention her shift isn't single coverage, there's at least 3 other people here at that time of day and she doesn't have to dispense meds, cook clean, etc.

Some examples, last week on Friday we had a medication delivery, which equals a whole crap load of paperwork especially if it's a big one, which this one was. I come in to do my shift, and she's playing around on facebook (which I wouldn't care about if she had done her job!), so I go in the med closet and see that she literally hasn't done ANYTHING! And today I come in, she's sitting in a laZboy reading some book, and then proceeds to yell at me because the AC is broken (which is apparently my fault because I didn't sense it was broken over the weekend when I wasn't working and call facilities), as well as yelling at me for some stuff SHE was supposed to get the tenants to do and didn't.

So I'm left with all of her work, and she still complains. I've tried to talk to my boss about it, but nothing ever happens; they're pretty chummy. I like my boss a lot but this just frustrates me beyond belief.

To top it all off one of the really great tenants here passed away last week, and my mom also found out that her cancer has spread to her liver. With her diagnosis there aren't really any options besides keep trying chemo to keep it from spreading quickly.

Anyway, kudos if anyone actually made it through that, it just makes me feel better to vent. Thanks.

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