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organizing wedding ideas in microsoft word, excel, etc?

Hi lovelies!

So I'm working on consolidating all my random wedding ideas and inspiration on my laptop.
So far, I have folders where i organize all my pictures and website bookmarks, but I'm struggling on organizing all the written ideas.

I've been using microsoft word, but it's kind of weird, especially since i want to keep everything alphabetized like a record. so if i want to add an idea for "bridesmaids gifts", i want to be able to find it easily instead of aimlessly searching.
it's like, if i want to remember that it would be cute to have the flower girls wear flower crowns, i want to be able to organize that information so i don't explode.

anywho, for all you tech-savvy brides out there, how are you keeping organized? thanks for the tips, i really appreciate it!
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Re: organizing wedding ideas in microsoft word, excel, etc?

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    I'm using excel - I have a spreadsheet for my guest list and formulas to calculate how many people RSVPed and all when the time comes. I also have another page to keep track of my budget and expenses. Then I have "pages" in the same book where I cut & paste pictures of centerpieces, dresses, hair styles, and other things. 
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    I'm using both. I have a folder just for wedding stuff and then different docs/spreadsheets for different topics. So i have excel docs for guest list, rsvps, meal choices, budget etc, but then in word i have docs for questions for vendors, contact info, and anything else I dont need in a excel worksheet.
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    google documents has a full wedding planning spreadsheet to keep track of EVERYTHING!  I highly recommend it -  go into google documents and search templates for all in one wedding planner  -  it has been incredibly helpful, and you can easily share it with others involved in the planning either for them to edit online or just to look at (ie FI), it doesnt have picture organization, but it has tabs for guest list, seating chart, venue contacts, budget, etc...
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    I have one Excel document for everything wedding, plus a folder for pics, all email contact with vendors, etc., starting from when I began requesting info from vendors.  I tend to micro-manage when it comes to things like that, so mine is pretty involved (probably too involved), but it's easy enough to do filters for alphabetizing and ranking things.  I also put links in the spreadsheet to wedding files so I didn't have to go digging through my comp for them every time I wanted to take a look.  Just do one Excel document with different spreadsheets for guest list, costs, honeymoon ideas, gift ideas, etc.  And ditto M&R on the formulas for calculating costs.  It saves so much time and makes it so easy to budget.  
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    wow, thank you all for your input, it's really helpful to hear how other people are keeping track

    but seriously, xctennis, you are a goddess sent from heaven. the google docs template is FANTASTIC!! and it's really helpful so i can send it back and forth with my tech-savvy father who is graciously the bearer of the financial burden.
    wow, seriously, i've only poked around it, but it's so organized!! love love love, thank you!!!!!
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    you're welcome!  glad I could help!
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