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FI advice please

So I'll try and keep it short..

Our wedding is in 8 weeks and most of my FI's groomsmen are on the other side of the state and will need to travel (although only a few hours) for the wedding. He orginally had 5 GMs but one had to drop out because of a medical issue. So now he's thinking of asking one of his other friends to fill in. But he hasn't asked him yet. And the day is fast approaching. He also has not communicated to the other GMs that the rehersal is the Thursday before the wedding so they need to be prepared to come over here two days before the wedding, which is on that Saturday. He also hasnt told them when they need to get fitted for their tuxes (although thats not until 2/12 and he did ask for all of their input on price before choosing tuxes, so that was good). And finally, he hasn't tried to get the guys together to figure out where they will be staying the night before the wedding.

So I guess my question is: Should I be worrying about all this or am I jumping the gun because its too soon and "boys will be boys"? And also, should I take over and talk to the GMs myself if he doesnt soon or should I just leave it up to him and if he doesnt get it done then oh well he won't have any GMs? I'm generally a control freak (as you might be able to tell lol) but I don't want to nag him to death about this. Thanks for your advice! :)
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Re: FI advice please

  • (1) tell him not to ask another one to fill in.

    (2) don't worry about the tuxes - they will figure it out

    (3) don't worry about the place to stay the night before.

    My H planned a lunch with his groomsmen on the wedding day DURING the rehearsal.  boys are like that.  The only thing I would say they should be aware of is that your RD is on thursday - not friday which they might be expecting.  Are you sending out RD invites?
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  • 1 - He shouldn't ask a GM to replace the other one.  Then the GM with the health issue is going to feel "replaceable," and the GM you ask to replace him will feel like a second rate friend.

    2 - Let him handle it.  I would remind him once or twice, but it's up to him to communicate with GMs.  If he doesn't, it's extra headaches for him, not you.  Just let your BMs know what they have to know and don't worry so much about his GMs.
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  • I have also had to hound FI about his GMs although haven't had as much trouble as you.  I think it is too late to add someone else.  I would remind him one more time over the next few days and is he doesn't do anything then I would contact them yourslef next week.  IMO Knowing when the RD is going to be is something important that they need to know (especially is they are far away) and is not something that we can just wait to boys to get around to lol. 
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  • I recommend you ask your FI not to "fill in" with a new GM.  Let all the rest of that stuff sort itself out.  You have enough to deal with, right??  Good luck and enjoy your wedding day!
  • Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it! I did have a talk with FI yesterday and told him not to ask someone to fill in because I thought it would look bad but unfortunatly he already had. He told me that guys dont get offended like women do with that stuff that his friends didn't care. So I'm leaving that alone since its already done. As for the other stuff I just reminded him one more time that this stuff was really important and he did end up calling some of his GMs last night and talking to them, so that's a good start! Thanks again everyone! :)
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  • I don't think he should replace the guy.  They don't HAVE to be at the rehearsal.  Our DD had one BM and one GM who couldn't make the rehearsal.  They were both able to walk a straight line from the back to where the minister was without issue.  And then, even without rehearsing, they were able to walk back out.

    Younger DD is in a wedding day after tomorrow.  No rehearsal.  They're nice, but not essential.

    They'll figure out where they're sleeping the night before the wedding, even if it's everyone crashing on someone's floor.  As for tuxes:  I would check with the store and give your FI a "drop dead" date on measuring.

    But be careful:  the last thing you want to do is come across as a nag.

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